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Drill pipes for drill rigs

CJSC «Mining technologies» will manufacture customized drill pipes. The released products meet GOST. They have necessary certificates, including the certificates of the international quality management system ISO. All drill pipes, manufactured by Mining Technologies CJSC, are covered by a warranty for at least 3 months from the start of operation. Additionally, we make any drill pipes according to our customer's drawings.

Component Diameter/Wall Thickness/Length,mm
1 Drill pipe БТС-150, d121х2006 121/10/2006
2 Starter pipe СБШ-200, d180 mm 180/16/2600
3 Starter pipe 2СБШ-200, №.200Н.09.06.500 180/16/2600
4 Starter pipe 3СБШ-200, № 180/16/2600
5 Starter pipe 4СБШ-200, № 180/16/2600
6 Starter pipe 5СБШ-200, № 180/16/2600
7 Starter pipe 6СБШ-200 180/16/2600
8 Drill pipe 2СБШ-200, № 200Н.09.06.600 180/16/8120
9 Drill pipe 3СБШ-200, № 180/16/11950
10 Drill pipe 4СБШ-200, № 180/16/8060
11 Drill pipe 5СБШ-200, № 180/16/9670
12 Drill pipe 6СБШ-200 180/16/8060
13 Drill pipe СБШ-250, d180 mm 180/16/8000
14 Drill pipe СБШ-250 heavy, № 086-55.12.0000 203/50/8000
15 Drill pipe СБШ-250 heavy, № 086-55.12.0000-01 203/50/8390
16 Drill pipe СБШ-250 light, № 086-55.71.0000 203/22/8000
17 Drill pipe СБШ-250 light, № 086-55.71.0000-01 203/22/8350
18 Drill pipe СБШ-250 heavy, № 091-55.12.0000 203/50/8000
19 Drill pipe СБШ-250 heavy, № 091-55.12.0000-01 203/50/8390
20 Drill pipeСБШ-250 light, № 091-55.71.0000 203/22/8000
21 Drill pipe СБШ-250 light, № 091-55.71.0000-01 203/22/8350
22 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 091-58.71.0000 219/25/8185
23 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 091-58.71.0000-01 219/25/9850
24 Drill pipe СБШ-250 heavy, № 091-59.12.0000 203/50/8295
25 Drill pipe СБШ-250 heavy, № 091-59.12.0000-01 203/50/9850
26 Drill pipe СБШ-250 light, № 091-59.71.0000 203/22/8185
27 Drill pipe СБШ-250 light, № 091-59.71.0000-01 203/22/9850
28 Drill pipe РД-10, № 100-55.71.0000 219/25/12750
29 Drill pipe РД-10, № 100-56.71.0000 219/25/16700
30 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 168/30/8000
31 Drill pipe СБШ-250 middle, № 091-00.71.0000 203/38/8000
32 Drill pipe СБШ-250 middle, № 091-00.72.0000 203/38/8200
33 Drill pipe СБШ-250 heavy, № 091-00.82.0000 203/50/8200
34 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 101-56.71.0000 180/30/8500
35 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 101-56.71.0000-01 180/30/9200
36 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 101-56.74.0000 133/32/8500
37 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 101-56.74.0000-01 133/32/9200
38 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 091-59.73.0000 133/32/8200
39 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 091-59.73.0000-01 133/32/9850
40 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 091-55.76.0000 180/30/8000
41 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 091-59.76.0000 180/30/8200
42 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 091-55.73.0000 133/32/8000
43 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 091-55.75.0000 168/30/8000
44 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 091-59.75.0000 168/30/8200
45 Drill pipe СБШ-250, № 101-56.72.0000 168/30/8500
46 Drill pipe, № 091-58.72.0000 219/50/8000
47 Drill pipe, № 091-58.73.0000 219/30/8000
48 Drill pipe СБШ-270, № 3660.55.50.500 203/50/11150
49 Drill pipe СБШ-250 middle, № ШУ03.00.000 203/38/8000
50 Drill pipe СБШ-250 heavy, № ШТ04.00.000 203/50/8000
51 Drill pipe СБШ-250 middle, № ШУ06.00.000 203/38/8200
52 Drill pipe for underground machine 2КВ, d245х1320 52 245/45/1320

Design features

He drill pipes are connected with locks into the drill column, which creates a special axial load on the rock-cutting tool and delivers the torque to it, and also serves to feed the drill solution or compressed air to the well face.

During drilling, the drill pipes subject to significant loads that is why they are manufactured by means of seamless hot or cold rolling out of all high hardness carbon and alloyed steel grades. The pipe ends, which subject to maximal loads are manufactured, thickened with outer, internal or combined upset (when manufacturing from solid work piece with further mechanical and thermal processing). The ends of the articles of assembled design are equipped with thickened transmitters.

Classification of the drill pipes

According to their designation, the following drill pipes are defined: kelly bars, ordinary drill pipes and drill collars. The latter differ with bigger weight and increased strength (thanks to their increased wall thickness) and they are considered to create the additional load on the tool. The kelly bar has a square or multi-plane section to deliver the torch from the drill rig drive. According to the way of connection, the following drill pipes can be distinguished:

  • The drill pipes with ring tool joint by means of transition elements(couplings and locks with conic thread) – it is the most universal version;
  • The drill pipes with nipple joint. They are mainly used in exploratory core drilling for pipes with diameter up to 60 mm.;
  • The drill pipes with welded locks. The lock connections on the ends are not detachable, and this allows getting the smooth column outside.

The drill pipes with welded locks: specifications and technical features

The welding of nipple and couplings to the upset ends of the drill pipe allows combining the advantages of the ring tool and nipple joint. In this case, the factory labor hours increase and the requirements to the control of technological operations are higher. CJSC «Mining technologies» manufacture the customized articles of any complexity according to the drawings submitted by the customer, which meet the requirements of the domestic and foreign regulative documents, including:

  • GOST R 50278-92;
  • GOST 27834-95;
  • GOST R 51245-99;
  • API Spec 5D specifications;
  • API Spec 7 specifications.
  • API (American Petroleum Institute)- one of the leading standard developers in the sphere of equipment for oil and gas extraction.

Advantages of drill pipes with welded locks

The surface hardening with high-frequency currents (HFC) contributes to reduction of drill pipe wear during drilling and keeping straightness during the whole period of operation.

By means of carbonitriding the increased wear-resistance of the thread joint is achieved, and this prevents possible equipment fault due to the thread wear. The lock details are connected with the pipe body by means of the fraction welding on a special welding machine. Due to this drilling technology, the high alignment of lock and pipe is achieved. The ideal column balancing allows executing the drilling with a higher speed and less power consumption. The smooth housing and balance of the drill column significantly reduces the destruction of well walls. The column wear along the pipe and lock body occurs more evenly.

Payment and delivery

The payment is execute by means of the funds transfer to the settlement account. We conclude the contract for manufacture and delivery, where we establish the term of the batch manufacture, and the delivery way. After that, the invoice is issued, according to which the customer pays for the order. After the monetary funds reach the settlement account, the production is launched and the batch of the products is manufactured, which is shipped to the customer through the forwarder.

The approximate term of manufacture — 30 days, the exact term is defined by the scope and complexity of the order manufacture.

The order is delivered in a sea container. The delivery term is established by the forwarder.

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