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Other drill pipes and drill string accessories for drill rigs of foreign manufactures

Component Diameter/Wall thickness/Length, mm
1 Drill pipe middle PV-275 203/38/12190
2 Drill pipe DCR-45 d178х10100 (Furukawa) 178/20/10100
3 Starter pipe D25KS d127х7620 (Sandvik) 127/20/7620
4 Drill pipe D25KS d127х9144 (Sandvik) 127/20/9144
5 Drill pipe D245S d140х9144 (Sandvik) 140/20/9144
6 Drill pipe D50KS d178х9144 (Sandvik) 178/20/9144
7 Drill pipe DHL, ALS 3870, d76,1х1000  
8 HDD (horizontal directional drilling) drill pipe  
9 Lower sub (lower adapter) DCR-45 d178х2000 (Furukawa) 178/2000
10 Spindle sub (upper adapter) DCR-45 d178х500 (Furukawa) 178/500
11 Lower sub (lower adapter) D25KS d127х229 (Sandvik) 127/229
12 Spindle sub (upper adapter) D25KS d127х405 (Sandvik) 127/405
13 Lower sub (lower adapter) D245S d140х608 (Sandvik) 140/608
14 Spindle sub (upper adapter) D50KS d163х227 (Sandvik) 163/227
15 Lower sub (lower adapter) D50KS d178х605 (Sandvik) 178/605
16 DML spinner die  
17 DML spinner slider  
18 Centralizer bushing PV-275  
19 Centralizer bushing PV-271  
20 Centralizer bushing DML  
21 Centralizer bushing DM-45  
22 Roller-deck bushing PV-275  
23 Roller-deck bushing PV-271  
24 Roller-deck bushing DML  
25 Roller-deck bushing DM-45  
26 Breakout fork PV-275  
27 Breakout fork PV-271  
28 Breakout fork DML  
29 Breakout fork DM-45  
30 Breakout fork D25KS  
31 Bearing seat DML  
32 Bearing seat DM-45  
33 Bearing seat PV-275  
34 Fishing tap PV-275 for pipes d203х38 203/396
35 Fishing tap PV-275 for nipples and couplings 203/572
36 Fishing tap DM-45 for pipes d140х20 140/368
37 Fishing tap DM-45 for nipples and couplings 140/560
38 Fishing tap DML for pipes d194х25 194/396
39 Fishing tap DML for nipples and couplings 194/572


Mining Technologies plant mainly focuses on producing drilling tools. The company manufactures equipment for domestic and foreign drill rigs, including those produced by the Swedish brand Sandvik and British corporation Drilltech.


Mining Technologies CJSC provides its customers with uninterrupted supply of the necessary equipment. Our catalog features the following products:

  • Fishing taps
  • Fork wrenches
  • Adapters
  • Centering bushes
  • Drill rods, including D245S, PV-271, ROC L8, DM-45 and others.

Please note that manufacturing of custom components is available.

Why partner with us

The main advantages of working with our company are optimal pricing, high quality of the final product, warranty and exact compliance with the contractual terms of shipment. We conclude a contract with our customers and scrupulously adhere to each provision.

We employ top-notch specialists with solid experience and excellent practical and theoretical knowledge to produce quality tools for Sandvik, Drilltech and other foreign-made machines. Large storage capacity enables immediate delivery of bearing seats, adapters, centering bushes, fork wrenches and drill rods PV-271, DM-45, SKS and other equipment once the order is paid.

Partnering with our plant will allow the customers to ensure safe and trouble-free operation of their drill rigs regardless of the external factors, including climate and other aspects.


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Drilling pipes and drilling rods from the manufacturer

Drilling pipes and drilling rods from the manufacturer
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