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Roller-deck bushing

CJSC “Mining technologies” manufactures customized centering roller-deck bushings. The products meet the manufacture standards; they have certificates of the international quality management system ISO. The order is delivered to the company by the transport company, which is selected by the customer.

Technical features

The centering (alignment) bushings are divided into two main types - roller (with bearings inside) and BHSG bushings (slide bushings) – without bearings.

The centering roller bushing is designated for:

  • Setting the right direction for the drill rod axle;
  • Reducing the torque losses of the drill rig;
  • Reducing wear of the drill rod;
  • Increasing lifetime of the roller-cone bit.

Below you can find the sizes of the alignment bushings for some types of the drill rigs:

  Designation Diameter D/Diameter d/Length L, mm
1 Roller-deck bushing DM-45 255/161/252
2 Roller-deck bushing D45KS 255/182/300
3 Roller-deck bushing PV-271 285/205/252
4 Roller-deck bushing PV-275 327/196/215

Payment and delivery

When arranging the order we conclude the contract for payment and delivery, where we stipulate the following:

  • term of the batch manufacture,
  • way of delivery
  • and issue invoice for payment.

After the funds reach the account, the manufacture is launched and the product batch is manufactured, which is delivered to the customer through the transport company.

The approximate term of manufacture — 30 days, the exact term is defined by the scope and complexity of the order manufacture.

The delivery is executed upon negotiation with the customer. The delivery term is established by the transport company.

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