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Mining Technologies CJSC has its own productive capacities and specializes in the manufacture of pipes and couplings to them, namely d42, d50, d63.5 (GOST 7909-56), d73 (GOST 631-75), along with tool joints З-42 (TU 41-01-309-77), З-50 (GOST 7918-75), З-63.5 (TU 41-01-208-76), ЗН-95 (GOST 5286-75), and others. It also manufactures casing and core barrels GOST 6238-77, GOST 632-80, including the manufacture and repair of drill pipes and drill string accessories for drill rigs 2СБШ-200, 3СБШ-200, 4СБШ-200, 5СБШ-200, 6СБШ-200, СБШ-250 (all modifications), СБШ-270,СБШ-320, and БТС-150.

Our Company manufactures import-substituting tools (upper and lower adapters (subs), drill pipes, centralizer bushings, roller cone stabilizers, fishing taps, breakout forks) for Atlas Copco and Sandvik drill rigs (ROCL6, ROC L8, DM-45, DML, DMH, DMM2, PV-271, PV-275, PV-235, D25KS, D245S, D75KS,D50KS, and others).

Technical specifications of drilling tools manufactured by our Company, are in full compliance with the characteristics of products originating from Atlas Copco and Sandvik.

In the case of the manufacture of drill pipes, pipes, and casings, only certified and high-quality materials are used. Our staff has many years of manufacturing and repair experience. This allows us to provide a custom-tailored approach, making necessary modifications in the structural design of drill pipes when necessary. We have the possibility of manufacturing products according to your drawings.

Every batch lot is provided with the Certificate of Conformity and the Certificate of Quality for our customers.


GOST 7909-56  drilling tools


Drilling pipes and drilling rods from the manufacturer

Drilling pipes and drilling rods from the manufacturer
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