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Products of Mining Technologies

Having started operations in 2001, Mining Technologies, a Russian company from Ekaterinburg, was quick in mastering the Russian market. The products of the manufacturing company are currently supplied throughout Russia and to a number of near- and far-abroad countries, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, the European Union (Estonia), and other countries. The company’s capacity is sufficient to meet the needs of our partners for quality goods in batches of any size.

Product Range

The key products within the manufacturing specifications are drill pipes. For instance, drill rods for imported rigs, including DML, DM-45, DMM-2, PV-271, ROC L8, ROC L6, D50KS, D245S models, are ready to be shipped. Moreover, we manufacture products for home-made rigs. Furthermore, the company catalogue features a number of other products:

  • Tool joints
  • Couplings
  • Subs
  • Stabilizers
  • DML adapters and others
  • Aligning bushings
  • Casings and core barrels


The company also provides repair services for components and equipment for drilling systems of Russian and foreign brands (e.g. Swedish brands Sandvik and Atlas Copco).

Another important line of business is production of drilling tools based on customer's drawings. We provide a certificate of conformity and certificate of quality for all of our products. The company ensures accurate compliance with GOSTs and international ISO standards.

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The key advantage, which is appreciated by all corporate clients of Mining Technologies, CJSC, is a thorough control of product compliance with declared quality standards. Each drill pipe manufactured for DML, DM-45, DMM-2, PV-271, ROC L8, ROC L6, D50KS, D245S rigs is subjected to quality control by the Quality Control Department which has top-notch professionals on the staff.

By using our storage facilities, we ensure timely shipment of the largest commercial batches of drill rods and components (including, for example, DML adapters) of standard sizes in the shortest possible time. Even in the most complicated cases, the waiting period for the customer will not exceed 30 days.

We provide best prices, including for imported rigs by Sandvik and Atlas Copco. Just explore our range of products to see for yourself. Finally, the company assumes warranty obligations based on certificates of conformity.

Drilling pipes and drilling rods from the manufacturer

Our company has it's own production facilities where we produce drill pipes (drill rods) and accessories for 2SBSH-200, 3SBSH-200, 4SBSH-200, 5SBSH-200, 6BSH-200, SBSH-250 (drill rods for all modifications), SBSH-270, RD-10, etc .; for drill pipes and starter pipes DML, DM-45, DMM-2, ROC L6, ROC L8, PV-271, PV-275, D25KS, D50КS, etc.

Mining Technologies manufactures drill pipes with left-handed and right-handed threads: Ø42x5, Ø50x5,5 Ø63,5x6; and couplings T-42, T-50, T-63.5 (GOST 7909-56, strength group K, E, L), as well as tool joints 3-42 (TU 41-01-309-77), tool joints 3-50 (GOST 7918-75), tool joints 3-63,5 (TU 41-01-208-76) for drilling rigs URB, SKB, ZIF, etc.

Our products are used for drilling exploration, oil and gas wells, with drilling work in wells, drilling water wells, etc.

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